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Lymfoven 14 – device for medical purposes or massage saloons

without VAT
Lymfoven 14S – 2×12 chambers Delivery contains device with one pair of pants. You can set time, pressure, pressure difference, localization of massage, pressure raise, then you run the device from periphery or from the centre66.000 CZK
Lymfoven 14K – 2×12 chambers
Has same set like Lymfoven 14S but as addition there is a reader of chip card. You can have special programs on cards. Four cards included.
81.000 CZK


 without VAT
Sleeve 7 chambers (for one hand)3000,-Kč
Leg sleeve 7 chambers (for one leg)4000,-Kč
Sleeve with axilla 2×7 chambers (pair)7400,-Kč
Sleeve with axilla 2×12 chambers (pair)9000,-Kč
Pants 2×7 chambers (pair)9000,-Kč
Pants 2×12 chambers (pair)10000,-Kč
Sleeve with axilla extended to waist 2×7 chambers (pair)8200,-Kč
Sleeve with axilla extended to waist 2×12 chambers (pair)9800,-Kč

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