The instrument consists of a proper instrument and drainage pantie-belts for an upper or lower limb. The pantie-belts are multi-cellular to enable an intermittent limb drainage. The method consists in a sequential inflation of individual cells of the drainage pantie-belt according to the selected program.

The instrument Lymfoven 7 is designed for an at-home treatment. One seven-cellular pantie-belt for an upper or lower limb may be connected to the instrument. Two versions of the instrument are produced. Both versions are equipped with basic drainage programs (the drainage from the centre and from the periphery). In addition, the version Lymfoven 7 L0703 is equipped with the drainage localisation.

The instrument Lymfoven 14 is designed for medical institutions. The connection of two seven-cellular pantie-belts at the same time is enabled. The equipment of the basic version meets the basic function of the limb drainage. The basic version may be completed, according to a need of an user, with an additional program equipment, which enlarges possibilities of applications. The individual program adaptation of the instrument Lymfoven are described below and prices are provided in the price list.

The instrument Lymfoven 24 is a newer version of Lymfoven 14. The connection of the pair of seven or multi-cellular pantie-belts and the pair pantie-belt for upper limbs, which reaches the area of axilla and shoulder. The connection of the pantie-belt for the whole lower half a body – trousers is possible. The instrument may be provided with the complete program equipment as in the case of the instrument Lymfoven 14.